Inclusion Works

Making Workplaces LGBTI inclusive

September 28th, 2017, Aviva Stadium, Dublin


Ireland’s inaugural Inclusion Works conference

Ireland’s inaugural LGBTI workplace inclusion conference is the first of its kind, with fresh and innovative approaches to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The Workplace Equality Index (WEI) 2017 Awards will be announced at Inclusion Works. GLEN will reveal who has made the greatest improvement in their LGBTI inclusion journey, the highest scoring new entry to the WEI, top performing private and public sector employers, most creative diversity culture initiative and the LGBTI advocate of the year.

This one day event on September 28th bring international and national LGBTI and ally thought leaders to Ireland to share how LGBTI inclusion is transforming business and the public sector, and showcase organisations who are progressing their LGBTI inclusion. GLEN is one of Ireland’s leading not-for- profit organisations which is dedicated to achieving full equality for LGBTI people. Building on an impressive track record of achievement, GLEN works on LGBTI equality issues across education, health, community safety, policing and workplaces.

GLEN is working with employers to create workplaces where LGBTI people can bring their whole self to work and businesses and public sector can benefit from being inclusive. In just three and a half years, GLEN has worked with organisations who collectively employ over 110,000 people in Ireland.


why should my company attend?

From tech companies to uniformed services, from professional services to public sector employers, this conference is an opportunity to connect, learn and reflect on how to ensure your organisation is fully inclusive of LGBTI employees, your clients and customers.

Being LGBTI inclusive in the workplace reflects the Ireland we live in today and it makes good business sense, too.

The business case for being LGBTI is clear.

The positive impact of an inclusive workplace is tangible for business and LGBTI people alike.

Enhances employee performance

Attract and retain the best talent

Drive creativity and innovation

Build company reputation and win new business

Mitigate the risk of bullying and harassment

Promote corporate social responsibility
of LGBTI people are not out at work generally
of LGBTI graduates return to the closet in their first job
of trans people are unemployed in Ireland


  • 08:00

    Registration, Networking, Refreshments

  • 9:00

    120 min

    Opening Session: LGBTI workplace inclusion

    More and more industry leaders are ensuring their workplace and business are inclusive, affirming and welcoming places for LGBTI people. Join industry leaders share best practice on how industry leaders are driving change and making LGBTI inclusive business and workplace culture a reality. Hear the latest trends emerging globally on LGBTI diversity and inclusion and how organisations are adapting to the changing landscape of LGBTI rights.

  • 11:00

    Refreshments and Networking

  • 11:30

    60 min

    Leading Change (Session A-B)

    Session A
    One Stop-Shop: How to get started on LGBT inclusion in the workplace

    What is the cost of exclusion? Being LGBTI inclusive has business benefits for private and public sector organisations. Listen to how leaders, HR professionals, LGBTI and ally employees got started on the LGBTI diversity and inclusion.

    Session B
    LGBT Inclusive Leadership in the Public Sector

    More and more public sector organisations are beginning to engage on LGBT diversity and inclusion. What is LGBT inclusive best practice in the public sector? What solutions can be found to support the public sector embed LGBT diversity and inclusion at the pace and extent that many private sector organisations are achieving? What private sector approaches to LGBT diversity and inclusion can be applied to the public sector? Join senior leaders, LGBT employees and allies in the public sector who are driving change.

  • 12:30

    60 min

    Inclusive Business in Practice (Session C-D)

    Session C
    LGBTI Data Monitoring

    Many organisations collect LGBTI data through employee engagement surveys and through recruitment, promotion and exit stages of the employee life cycle. Collecting LGBTI data will help you understand the workplace experiences of LGBTI people in your organisation and inform your diversity and inclusion strategy.

    Session D
    Transitioning Workplaces: Trans* inclusive workplaces

    Many organisations are beginning to realise their responsibility towards ensuring their workplace is inclusive of all gender identities. This session equips attendees with best practice and know-how to support employees who are transitioning gender in the workplace or who are gender fluid employees.

  • 13:30


  • 14:30

    60 min

    People (Session E-G)

    Session E
    LGBTI Diversity and Inclusion Training: Unconscious Bias

    Does unconscious bias play a role in your decision-making? Training gives your workforce space to examine how conscious or unconscious bias against LGBTI people may impact business decisions and performance.

    Session F
    Engaging LGBT Employees: High-performing LGBT employee networks

    LGBTI Employee Networks can play a significant role in promoting LGBTI diversity and inclusion in organisations, boost LGBTI staff engagement and attract LGBTI talent, enhance the brand of an organisation, connect with LGBTI clients and service users and help organisations benefit from diversity and inclusion. This session will share how to establish and maintain high performing LGBTI employee network in the workplace.

    Session G
    From Global to Local: Managing LGBT inclusion in diverse workforces and locations

    How are organisations with sites globally approaching LGBT diversity and inclusion in countries with varying degrees of acceptance of LGBT people? How are employers with diverse workforces ensuring their workplaces are LGBT inclusive and navigating challenging situations. How do you support LGBT employees on international assignments in more hostile regions? Join EMEA and global business leaders and learn best practice on how employers are supporting LGBT employees globally.

  • 15:30

    60 min

    Plenary Session: Role Models

  • 16:30

    GLEN Closing Remarks

  • TBC

    Workplace Equality Index 2017 Awards





The Aviva Stadium is accessible by a selection of public transport routes including a DART stop right at the Stadium. Should you need to drive, we do provide limited first come first serve parking for tour visitors and meetings and events attendees only.

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Why book a delegation ticket?

Delegation tickets are a great opportunity to engage key stakeholders across your organisation who can play a critical role in making your workplace, business and service and become more LGBTI inclusive. Bringing a delegation to hear innovative thought leaders share best practice approaches is critical to story and how they are creating a business and public sector with LGBTI inclusion at its heart.

Senior Leaders - LGBTI leaders and emerging leaders - People managers - Human Resource Professionals - LGBTI Employee network leads - Recruiters - Executive sponsors - Diversity and Inclusion Leads - CSR professionals - Learning and Development